Romantic Cynicism and Cynical Romance

This guy is amazing.

Mindless Productivity

My friends ask me why I’m still single.

Well…actually, they don’t, really. Not any more. I’ve given them enough half-truths and approximations over the years to satisfy them. I even believed most of my own explanations, at the time.

“I haven’t met the right girl” has a lot of good uses. Helps set my mom at ease, convince her that she’ll have grandkids someday.

“I’m just not ready for a relationship yet.” True enough…but then again, I’ve never really shied away from diving headfirst into things I’m woefully unprepared for.

“I’m focusing on my writing career right now.” HA! Yeah, just…yeah.

“I don’t believe in love. Romance is a figment of our culture’s imagination, made to distract us from the general dissatisfaction of our lives and interpersonal relationships.” This is the excuse that I’ve believed for most of these years. It’s also the closest to the truth…despite being…

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