Update #7 – Exploring My Writing and Exploring This Blog

HEYOOO!  So I just launched (a rather dramatic term, but I’ve always had a flair for the dramatic) the new Fiction Analyses category, so feel free to completely ignore it, just like I know you will.  I’ve also finally figured out how to do something that I’ve been trying to do for a long time, and that is how to put a description/summary of the category you’re in at the top of the page.  Yeah, I know, I’m a rookie, but it was a pretty momentous thing for me and I’m pretty proud of myself right now.  Things are moving fast, ladies and gentlemen!

The first analysis is already up, and it’s about the first short story I published on this site (for obvious reasons).  The plan is to go through them one by one in the order in which they’ve been published, so next up will be an analysis of Webs.  Feel free to not read it now in preparation for not reading the analysis!

As promised, I am working hard on another short story, and of course new Journal / Random Thoughts posts will be coming in as irregularly as ever.  Once again, thanks for not reading, and good luck out there!

– The Modern Leper


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