Comic by Owlturd.


2 thoughts on “Obligations

  1. The only real wisdom I’ve ever acquired in my life was when I was struck with the realization that the best way to minimize obligations was to do the diametric opposite of everything my parents advised me to do. Marriage, children, home ownership, career, interest bearing investment accounts, religious observances…I have thumbed my nose at all of those things and I may not be a “better man” for it, but I’ve got a lot more down time than most folks I know.

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    1. Haha, that’s definitely not in the vein of advice I usually get, but not altogether unexpected coming from you ;) I do have a serious problem with procrastination and motivation though, and not just for the tediously repetitive and mundane tasks of life. Even the things I enjoy (or at the very least don’t hate) tend to get swept under the rug of “I’ll do it tomorrow”

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