Crimson Sky

The Work of Shimmy

Time stopped. My lungs froze, neglecting their duty to draw in the precious oxygen they needed. It felt as though the entirety of the earth stood still as all of its inhabitants watched the harbinger of their demise approach.

The sky was aflame. The massive, flaming chunk of space rock painted the sky a deep crimson which spread to the ground in the form of raging flames. The hungry tendrils of fire began spreading and engulfing anything they reached. The heat would soon become unbearable. Fires began from seemingly any spot on the ground as if the planet itself was spontaneously spawning fires. The fields burned, huts blazed, and the people screamed as some lay trapped, burning alive. I was still entranced by the beauty of what would be our destruction… Until I heard her.

“Sacarius! Where are you?” It was my wife. She was scared, terrified even. I had to…

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