Quick Question

We interrupt the scheduled posting of Part VII for a quick question (and also to give newcomers a bit of a chance to catch up on the reading).

If you had a city that was divided into 4 perfect squares would you number them like this,

Cube 1.jpg

or like this?

Cube 2.jpg


4 thoughts on “Quick Question

    1. Fair point. I started with the former but it’s only recently occured to me that the latter might make more sense, leaving me with a lot of material to go over if I’m going to change it. I think the main thing is to visualize it from the characters’ perspectives; which way would make more sense to someone who’s actually standing in one of the boxes (and is also significantly smaller than said box)?

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  1. My initial reaction was that the top one felt more natural to look at, but as you say that might not make so much sense to characters living inside the world. Then again, did the citizens number the areas themselves, I wonder…?

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