I’m on the cusp
Of something brilliant
So close to understanding the mechanics of the world.
But it slips away
And the feeling is gone
And I am left fumbling in the dark
Picking up the pieces
Of a shattered revelation

I feel so close
To finding the answer
Buried deep within the maze of thoughts in my head.
But my wayward mind
Wanders far and wide
And the destination is never met
A trapdoor hidden
Amongst the wreckage of old lives

Before me lies
An invisible curtain
I reach out hoping to pull it back.
But my trepid fingers
Grasp only air
And the curtain remains
Just out of reach
Never out of mind

Sometimes I feel
So close to an epiphany
The point at which it all clicks into place.
But the moment is fleeting
And before they connect
The pieces are scattered
Once more to the wind
And the feeling is gone


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