Two Voices In One Transmission


When you conceive of something as a “truth”, it becomes an obstruction.  Take a chisel to your cranium and dig out the gray matter until all that’s left is a cavity.  That’s where thoughts arise.  The discarded brain tissue is what solidifies these capricious thoughts into rigid belief systems, thereby ruining their spontaneity and transforming them into neuroses.  Throw the post-op mess in the trash where it belongs.

You will not find answers or satisfaction in relationships or in church or in a career or a hobby or on the distant shores of exotic lands.  This is because there are no answers to be found and satisfaction lies solely in that realization.

By profession, I sit and I watch; but if you hear me profess, that means I’m off the clock.  Words are just playthings, never accomplishing anything at all.  Sure, I move around and pick things up and put…

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