Update#12-ish – Overwhelmed and Underwhelmed

Though it may not seem like it, things are pretty hectic right now.  Between a lack of internet (freaking Bell), keeping up with everyone else’s blogs (freaking great writers), and delving into preexisting material on a handful of newfound blogs (freaking archives), I’ve not had much time to focus on my own writing.  Which isn’t to say I haven’t been trying.

I was on my road trip when it happened and since then it’s sort of faded into the background, but the entirety of Chapter 1 of Utopia (consisting of Parts I through IX) is now up on the blog.  I’ve got a lot to think about before I start dishing out Chapter 2, first and foremost of course being whether or not I will.  This isn’t me nursing some sore spot over my perceived lack of interest (honest), I just need to consider certain… alternatives.  Be that as it may, you’ll be the first (and the only) to know if I decide to start sharing again.

In the interest of helping me with said thought process, I’d like to take the opportunity to once again ask for feedback.  Again, this isn’t to reassure my wounded ego of your own interest in the project (although that will be a nice little bonus)- it’s simply to help me figure out what is and isn’t working.  Here’s what I’m most concerned about:

  • Formatting: several of you have pointed out that most of the parts are a bit too long.  If I continue posting sections would you suggest I break them down, even if that means rough breaks in flow?
  • Plot: was anything overly confusing?  Keep in mind this is still the very beginning of the story, but if there’s something you felt simply wasn’t expanded upon enough, please let me know.
  • Setting: again, anything overly confusing or hard to picture?  If that’s the case, any suggestions on what needs to be made clearer and how?
  • Characters: was it difficult keeping track of names and people?  I’m most concerned about overlapping characters like Andrew & Celia or Mike & Patrick.  When you read their sections did you recognise that they were part of the same plotline?  If not, is there anything I can do to fix that?

And of course if there was something you noticed that isn’t on that list I’m still very much eager to hear it.


4 thoughts on “Update#12-ish – Overwhelmed and Underwhelmed

  1. Honestly, the plot, setting and characters are virtually flawless, in my opinion. In fact, all three have been consistently working together to create the vibrant feel of the whole thing, and that’s what I’ve enjoyed the most thus far. My particular comment on the length of the installments wasn’t actually a personal critique. I’m fine with it — after all, if this were a book, I’d be reading it start to finish in mostly larger portions at a time. But I suspect the sheer length of some of the posts may have discouraged others from diving into it. Just hop on over to Facebook or Twitter if you need validation of this, but people have shorter attention spans now than ever before in the history of the species. Everyone likes their information and entertainment in little bite-sized bits. Although the reason the installments of my ongoing story are so compact is often due to the fact that I’m laboring over English to Spanish translation and I don’t speak a lick of Spanish.

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    1. I think people log into the internet for quick moments and don’t spend a ton of time doing it. They want instant gratification and don’t have time to spend reading pondering and engaged in something long term….like ten minutes. Ha. I agree, if it were a book…even a book online…someone choosing to read is choosing to spend a more extended period of time doing just that. I would say without taking the time yet to read them myself, that what you view as a lack of interest just may mean you aren’t reaching the audience that will validate some good work.

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      1. Definitely. Instant gratification and short attention spans are becoming this generation’s calling card. Leave it to me to take something as simple as that personally. Welp, what can ya do, right? I mean ideally the sheer brilliance of the content will make you lose track of time, leaving you not only happy with the length but actually wanting more :P


    2. Oh I know- I took the suggestion to shorten the pieces somewhat personally at first, but after a quick beatdown of my ego I saw the logic in it. My only problem with doing so is what I mentioned above: I feel like cutting them up and then trying to polish off the ends/beginnings would mess with the flow too much. Still, if I do end up sharing more I’ll keep an eye out for longer sections and try to bring them down as best I can.
      As for the rest of what you’ve said, thank you! That’s incredibly high praise, and I’m quite humbled by it.

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