Update#13 – A Trip Down Memory Lane

Since returning from our road trip I’ve been a little slow in getting back into the groove of writing on a regular basis.  I had a nice run going before we left, and was clocking in some uncharacteristically productive numbers working on the book.  Unfortunately the trip sort of disrupted that, and it’s been slow going since.  I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things, so to help streamline that process I’m going to step away from the blog for a bit.

The break will actually give me reason to follow through on an idea I’ve been toying with for a while now, which is to repost some of my older stories.  Most of them were up long before I actually had any regular readers, and seeing as no one’s going to the archives I’m going to bring the archives to you.  Over the next week or two I’ll repost them in the order they first went up in, and maybe even slip in some non-fiction reposts as well.

I know some people are like vampires with the sun when it comes to reposts, but seeing as none (or at least most) of you have ever actually seen these posts, as far as your virgin eyes are concerned they’re still technically new.  As usual I’d love to hear what everyone thinks; feedback is always greatly appreciated!

Anyways, that’s pretty much it.  Thanks for reading, and good luck out there.


6 thoughts on “Update#13 – A Trip Down Memory Lane

    1. Absolutely. I’ve felt them calling to me from the woodwork, tired of growing stale. It’d be nice if people thought of WordPress as less of a social media site and more of a library, but them’s the breaks. Get with the times or get left behind, right?

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  1. I haven’t yet figured out how to create archive folders that are visible on the front page so that if people are so inclined, they can simply click the folder “December, 2016” and see what I had to say back then. I know people can just scroll down and see that stuff as it is, but even I tend to look at people’s older posts more frequently when they have them arranged in dated folders.

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    1. It’s different with each theme, I think, so I may not be of much help to you from this end. See I have a category system, which helps cut down on the scrolling if you’re looking for something particular, but I have seen actual archive systems with years and months. Try tinkering around with the system admin page; you’d be surprised at all the useful little widgets you can find there.

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  2. I always visit archives. But I’m super slow at it. People are always surprised when I’m reading along and suddenly I comment on so,etching from nineteen eighty two and they forgot they’d wrtten it. 😛
    But please, repost. Make my life simpler 🙂

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