“A cripple walks amongst you, all you tired human beings
He’s got all the things a cripple has not: two working arms and legs
And vital parts fall from his system and dissolve in Scottish rain
But vitally he doesn’t miss them; he’s too fucked up to care”

– Frightened Rabbit, The Modern Leper

Abstract Personality

I’m a modern leper with a habit of cutting things out of my life, a gambler playing Russian Roulette with my mind, spirit and body just to see which breaks first.  I’m a cynical romantic who knows he’s going to die alone but just wishes someone would tell that to his brain so he’d stop falling in love, a foot shooter who thinks the best way to stop the pain is by emptying the clip.  I’m an introvert to the tenth degree, a loner who can’t even say that he enjoys his own company, a wallflower with no perks.  I’m a self-loathing asshole with an addictive personality and self-destructive tendencies.  The only thing I hate more than other people is myself, and somehow I manage to perfect the balance between thinking I’m better than everyone else while simultaneously believing I’m the worst shit in existence.  Most of all I’m a melodramatic over-thinker trying to find the line between adolescent angst and depression.

I’m also an adventurer, filled with wanderlust and imagination.  I find comfort in music, paintings, and photography, and sanctuary in a good story, regardless of the medium.  I’m an egalitarian and a feminist, a socialist with big plans and high hopes.  I’m a romantic cynic who can’t help but see the beauty in the broken and the depressing, a masochist who manages to find comfort in the familiar embrace of sorrow.  I’m a dreamer 24/7, a nyctophile who loves the night almost as much as he loves sleep itself.  I’ve got a dark sense of humour and enough personal experience to provide me with material for decades to come.

Factual Personality

I’m a 21 year-old guy living in good ol’ Canada.  I’m an aspiring writer, with several works in the making and one published short story to date (it was a long time ago and other than the fact that I use it to justify calling myself a “published author”, looking back at it now I have to say it wasn’t particularly good).

Aside from the obvious reading and writing, my interests include exploring the outdoors, cycling (unprofessionally, of course; just as a general rule you can assume everything I do is done unprofessionally), watching television, listening to music, and wallowing in my own self-pity and loneliness.


11 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hey there,

    You were asking about reading more of my work, so I wanted to share this old poem of mine that I recently found and typed up.

    “To Love or Not to Love”

    I can smell the fragile flowers as they bloom,
    sending their sweet aroma throughout the village.
    Weather is cradled in the arms of autumn.
    Shades of rainbows are painted in the sky.
    We lie down, dazed in a leaf-colored field.
    The wind brushes past the weeds
    like pedestrians passing on a crowded street.
    We find a shack hidden among the trees,
    and we search inside for some moldy treasure.
    Outside the leaves continue to fall.
    When we look up, we see skeletal fingers
    composed of oak and maple branches.
    She and I decide to go back to exploring the fields,
    digging in the dirt for gravestones
    marking the spot where dictators buried the truth.
    There is no time for other activities.
    If there were, I think we would discover
    that we have formed a bond during our time together.
    Sometimes this world moves too quickly,
    and I am unable to comprehend what happened.
    So if you were to ask me, “Are you in love with her,
    this young woman who helps you dig for truth?”
    Well, I’m sure that my mind is not sure
    of the answer to your question.

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    1. Whaaat! That’s really good! I get that you’ve got the blog specifically for REDemption but you should share this there anyways. Or, better yet, make another blog where you share all your stuff – music, prose, poetry, all of it!
      Now, back to the poem: I love the underlying theme of chronophobia; I find the steady march of time terrifying to contemplate in real life but thrilling to implement in writing. As for the bit about the “dictators” and “dig[ing] for truth”, you may have to expand for me. Are these specific references or more abstract concepts?

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      1. Honestly, I don’t always know what I mean when I write things. LOL Sometimes phrases come to me that sound good and fit the mood of the poem. Such is the case with the dictators and digging for truth. However, upon looking back at what I wrote, I think it implies something kept from the masses by “leaders” who are now dead, so maybe these two people (the narrator and young woman) can uncover something from the past that was once forbidden but can now influence their present/future.

        As for sharing it via a site, I am trying to get the word out via other sites that most likely get better traffic than I know how to generate. There’s more stories coming on that site I shared with you. In the past I used to be a real stickler about finding places where I could actually get paid when I was published. These days, I am not so concerned about it.

        ~~~~~~Steve G.

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      1. Depending on time I sometimes steer away from reading long about sections but I adored the heading abstract personality that I read the whole thing. So then I’m glad I got to read it before you revamped it.

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