The Void.

I stand on the brink, overlooking a white expanse of immeasurable emptiness.  Many have tried to fill it, but the space is infinite.  I cup my hands over my mouth, fill my lungs with a deep inhale, and scream into the void.

This is a chronicle of my scream.

So my hope for this blog is that it will grow and develop into a sort of reflection of my existence on this earth.  I guess the main purpose is to get my writing out there, but there are other things I’d like to try as well.  That being said, you’re probably curious as to exactly what kind of writing I do, just to make sure you don’t suddenly find yourself three pages deep in some disturbingly intimate and uncensored fan-fiction about Shrek (which you won’t.  At least not on this site.  Sorry to disappoint).

I’m a fiction writer whose longer works are usually action/adventure, dystopian, science fiction and fantasy, full of such overcomplicated and Michael Bay intensity-rivaling plots and sub-plots that they never get finished and before I know it I have sixty books worth of material planned out without even having finished the first one.  Hopefully one day I’ll get them out there, but until then I’ve always got my short stories, which will probably make up the meat of this blog.

My short stories are a lot different from my longer works.  It’s kind of weird how big the difference is, actually.  They’re still fiction, although a lot of them are heavily drawn from and rooted in my own real-life experiences.  Most of them feature some kind of in-depth yet ridiculously vague look into the human condition, whose key purpose is to make you feel bad about yourself and others.

A lot of them end with people killing themselves, people killing others, people hinting to the possibility that they plan on killing themselves and/or others, and people going insane or realizing they were insane the whole time.  Essentially you can probably just expect some kind of Memento-type ending that will ideally make you want to punch something or start crying.  Probably both.  So yeah, if you want to go back to your Shrek fan-fiction, it’s not too late to turn back now.

I look forward to ruining your lives and shattering all your perceptions of happiness with my writing.  Good luck out there,

– The Modern Leper